Private CrossFit training:

If you are a Crossfitter I believe you will love what we have put together. My name is Larry Stroup and I am a Crossfit Instructor. We are located in the beautiful seaside resort town of Las Terrenas Dominican Republic. In place we offer regular WOD,s  on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. If you are interested in a funexciting and challenging vacation please contact me.

You can find me in my gym at Club Kokopelli, Las Terrenas.

Price - US$ 20 /person/hour

We have found that CrossFit style training to be the most effective way to lose body fat and gain lean muscle simultaneously. By using HITT, high intensity interval training along with TABATA, your results can be dramatic in a short time. The biggest challenge is learning to do these skills correctly thus getting results and avoiding injury. We understand dedicating time to learn these skills can be difficult. What we are offering are private or semi private classes where you will learn proper form and technique. What we have found is that along with technique problems there is usually a range of motion problem. We have introduced Yoga into our pre and post workouts. Also on off days as active recovery. All in all you may not master all the skills but you will go home with a very good understanding of what you need to do.

Active Recovery

Active recovery is just that, actively helping your body recover from a hard workout. This can be done many ways depending on your schedule and accesses to the gym. In reality most active recovery activities can be done at home with a few simple items such as a foam roller, elastic bands or a PVC tube. Active recovery should be a planned day or days of stretching, low intensity exercises or practicing technique. We can help design a quality recovery program that fits your needs.

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