FitLife Anett

Anett is from Hungary. She was a busy manager for near 10 years with lots of stress, so She had to learn first to take care of herself.  She finished on Fitness Academy in Hungary 15 years ago as a Fitness Instructor.

She practicing Body balance, Meditation, Tai-chi, Qi gong, Tahiti dancing, and combining all the methods to the level of her clients to help them the most complex way. She works as a Personal Coach and Chef since 3 years to help people to Find the Balance with Food, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Body Balance and Tai-Chi

Improve your balance and increase core strength while you reduce stress levels. Is a dynamic form of moving meditation. Exercises help maintain health by creating a state of mental and physical calmness, which indicates that the Qi energy is balanced and harmonious. This allows the mind/body/spirit to function most efficiently, with the least amount of stress.


Monday and Friday at 8.30 – 9.30 am

1 class

$9 / person

10 classes

$70 / person

Wednesday and Sunday option to book /when and where is good for you/ minimum 3 people in Las Terrenas area.

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