Find the Balance with Food, Body, Mind and Spirit!

All food is prepared by Anett, from Hungary.  She is helping people as a Personal Coach and Chef to reach their goal. Her specialty to make tasty, healthy, balanced, nutritional food, that fills you up and give good energy for the day. Cooking is her passion, her international language, and art. She cooks only for reservation based on the client request.

As a Fit Chef she cooks: Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, Gluten free, Fruitarian-811, and sometimes a bit of Fish or Shrimp.

Welcome food menu:

Welcome Food Package includes:

1 gallon = 3,7l   Fresh Tropical Lemonade without added sugar

6  portion of fresh Tropical Fruit salad

6 Slices seed crust Quiche- Mozzarella, Egg, Potato, Broccoli, Onion

6 piece of Sushi rolls with Philadelphia cheese, fresh veggies + marinated Beetroot

6 Oat muffin (set preference) without added white sugar or flour carrot cake muffin with lime topping/coconut pineapple/chocolate taste


60 USD – Planned for 4-6 people combo  (can be enough for 8 People snack)

Delivery and setup  include in Las Terrenas area and 20 USD – in Bonita and Coson.

Or You pick the package ingredients from the following menu, minimum order is 60 USD.

Extended options:

To make it different package or a complex Lunch /Dinner or you have a bigger group

Multiply the welcome package or choose different things  from the following options. We try to give choice to each diet, to be able to take care of you on the vacation as well.

Vegan: (extra salad size+ seeds)  or Vegetarian:(Cheese+egg )  for 2 people (18 USD) 

Meat: Serrano/ Fish /Shrimp for 2 people  (25 USD)

Quiche with seed crust

Healthy crust without white flour, only seed and fiber, GF)
(Size portion: 4 big  or -6 small slice, for 2 people a whole meal or snack for 6-8 people)

1.Meat Quiche
serrano, tomato, zucchini, egg, mozzarella, olives

2.Vegetarian Quiche
broccoli, onion, mozzarella, egg, bell pepper

3.Vegan Quiche
pumpkin-sweet potato, curry with caramelized onion, seeds 

Budha Bowls

Not mixed dish/salad just nicely prepared, and eat as you like it. GLUTEN FREE
(Size portion: for 2 people as a meal or for 6 small side salad)

4.Fish bowl
quinoa, fish, broccoli,  creamy spinach and bell pepper with garlic and tomato.

5.Vegetarian bowl
quinoa, mozzarella, egg, broccoli, BBQ taste roasted pumpkin, potato, tzatziki

6.Vegan bowl
quinoa, toasted nuts, chickpea, green salad, pineapple, cucumber, carrot, cabbage lime dressing or peanut butter-coconut ginger dressing

Spring-sushi rolls

3 rice paper  rolls (6 piece) – 2 alga maki  (16 piece), with exotic  peanut butter dressing and marinated beetroots with sesame oil and soya. Gluten Free . Eat on the same day. 2-  people meal or 6-8 people finger food

7. Shrimp sushi rolls
shrimp, avocado/egg, cream cheese, bellpepper, cucumber, normal rice

8.Vegetarian sushi rolls
creamcheese, avocado/egg, bellpepper, cucumber, beetroot- rice

9. Vegan sushi rolls
nut mixture, avocado, cabbage, sprout, spinach, bellpepper, carrot, beetroot-rice

Baked empanada or cup

6 big one or 12 small, with a side fresh salad
It can be storge in the fridge for children or for next day, or to bring to the beach.

10. Chicken empanadas
roasted chicken, onion, bellpepper, egg, cheese, broccoli

11.Vegetarian empanadas
spinach,cheese, tayota,egg, onion

12. Vegan empanadas
pumpkin, chickpea, bellpepper, carrot, smoked paprika, onion like a falafel taste

Juices / Smoothies

13. Mixed Juice – 10 USD
2 liter/64 oz -fresh mix natural juice (with pulp)
green/ red/ yellow, no sugar added set your preference

14. Smoothie – 15 USD
2 liter/64 oz – smoothie
with coconut water or coconut milk, or almond milk,  with fruits of the season

Healthy Snack

15. Muffin 12 pieces healthy fiber rich added sugar-free – 15 USD
chocolate/tropical- coco/ carrot cake

16. 1 big bowl of fresh fruit salad for 4-6 people  – 10 USD

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