Learning Step by Step:

According to the IKO Standarts the instructor stay with you all the time.

The course is divided in 3 sections because the most important is to become independent piloting the kite.We start to teach you on the beach first and once you are comfortable on land, we go in water learning how to move with the kite without the board. At the end when you master the kite in every situation we give you the board.

Lesson 1

Land Base – 2 hours

This is the basics of kite control and handling. Theory of the wind effects and wind-window.

You will learn how to set up your kite, how to use your safety systems, flying your kite 2 hands and 1 hand, launching and landing..

Lesson 2

Body Drag – 2 hours

You will learn how to get power from the kite, change direction with your kite in the water, how to re-launch a crashed kite from the water, and how to self-rescue.

You will also learn body drag techniques such as upwind body dragging essential to retrieve the board because we don’t teach with dog leash too DANGEROUS !

Lesson 3

Water Start – 2 hours

We set you up on a board and teach you the water start theory: board and body positioning while piloting the kite, diving the kite to enable standing up on the board controlling the speed and the direction.

Kitesurf Lessons:

PRIVATE (1 kite/1 pers)GROUP (1 kite/2 pers)
INICIATION 2 HOURSUS$ 105US$ 65 / person
PACKAGE 6 HOURS + IKO cardUS$ 295US$ 180 / person
PACKAGE 9 HOURS + IKO cardUS$ 400US$ 260 / person
PACKAGE 12 HOURS + IKO cardUS$ 540US$ 330 / person
PACKAGE 24 HOURS + IKO cardUS$ 1000US$ 650 / person

Kitesurf rental:

2 HOURSUS$ 15US$ 50
1 DAYUS$ 20US$ 70
1 WEEKUS$ 100US$ 350

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